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Rapid fast weight loss is something I never really thought was possible to achieve without losing or more like sacrificing the best parts in life. I have always been a big fan of food and deserts so I wouldnít dream of living without this, even during diet. So for me rapid fast weight loss has always been a fiction in my reality until a few months ago when I stumbled upon something interesting.

I have definitely lost count on how many times I have tried to lose weight. Sometimes I succeed and lose a pound or two, but it has always come back to me and I have never had the efforts to follow a diet plan for many months. Itís like a torture to me and sooner or later I stop after awhile. But approximately three months ago at the end of June I was meeting my friend Jen in town over a cup of coffee. I had not seen her since the beginning of the spring and I was shocked when she came forward at our meeting place. I could barley recognize her because of her rapid fast weight loss.

Itís no surprise that the main subject of our meeting was about her rapid fast weight loss and how she managed to do that. She told me about a program called The Day off Diet, a diet program that guarantee weight loss and gives you one free day each week to eat whatever you want. At first I was very skeptical about this program but when I came home I just had to check it out and read more about it.

The Day off Diet seemed to be the perfect diet plan for me. It guaranteed good results as long as I followed the instructions and I had my free day when I could eat whatever I want. Even Pizza, Ice-cream and other junk food or sweets was okay to eat on this day. So with nothing to lose I purchased a copy and spent the whole evening reading. The next day I started following the diet and just like the author of The Day off Diet said I started to see results quite quickly even if I used my free day every week.

Now just a little bit more than three months since I started following this diet plan I have lost more than 32 pounds. For me this is truly a rapid fast weight loss and this is something I have dreamed about for a very long time. I cannot express myself with words but Iím very happy about this and I will continue so I can get in good shape for next summer, something I havenít been since I was a child.

If you would ask me about The Day off Diet, then I will say it is the best diet program I have ever tried and it made it not only possible for me to lose weight but also easy. I will of course recommend this to all people that wants rapid fast weight loss.

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Posted by Brian Scott, US - 2008-10-07

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