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Do they really exist in the reality? An easy weight loss program I mean. For a long time I was absolutely sure that this only existed in people´s dreams. I had tried so many programs and different ways to starve myself to get in shape so how could there be an easy weight loss program?

But I was wrong... I was too obsessed to lose weight that I did not take the time to understand what different programs actually did. When I heard about a program that allows you to eat whatever you want and how much you want one day per week I laughed. How could this even work when I have starved myself so many times without success?

Skeptical as I was, I purchased this diet program called The Day off Diet to find out if it really worked as they said. They even guaranteed my money back if it didn’t work. So basically I had nothing to lose more than my weight, and since that was the goal I gave it a shot.

The basic idea about The Day off Diet is that you are allowed to eat whatever you want and how much you want once a week, as long as you follow the diet plan the other days. I thought this was a fair deal but I was still not sure if it would be an easy weight loss program.

Without too much effort I started to lose weight right away. At first I thought it might only be easy in the beginning but weeks after weeks passed and I dropped several pounds each week. This was amazing and I wanted to know why this was so much better than other programs, even much better when I starved myself. I read a lot and now I really understand why this is such a clever program.

We have lived on this planet for millions of years and the human body have learned and adopted from the environments with have lived in. It turns out when you are starving yourself the body understands that and thinks that we might be in a period of the year where food is hard to get. So the body will store everything you eat so you will survive during this period with less food. What the body doesn’t understand is that today we always have food available. So by eating unhealthy and fat rich food once a week, you are actually telling your body that there is still food like this available and the body will not go in to store-mode. And I thought that weight loss was not logical…

The funny thing is that now I’m writing my success story of a diet program that really helped me. I know when I was desperate that I read a lot of these success stories and I thought many were just bullshit. I can only give you my word The Day off Diet is a diet program that really works. But thanks to have the 100% money back guarantee you can buy this program without wasting your money.

If you are looking for an easy weight loss program, then The Day off Diet is the program for you.

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Posted by Sarah Mitchell - 2008-10-26

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