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The Best Fast Weight Loss Diets To Lose Tummy Fat

When it comes to losing weight and toning of the stomach we need to be careful with our diet and exercise routine. There are so many fake products and programs out there these days that just don't work. They circulate the same exact information around, take our money, and leave us clueless and fat as ever. Often exercise is not the only way to get rid of tummy fat but even diets could help.

We need to reduce our meal size also and especially avoid all kinds of junk food. We can improve on by using smaller plates or bowls. This will literally trick our eye into thinking that we are having more food. Another way to get the right portions is to use our plate as a guide. Fill half of the plate with vegetables, one-quarter for whole grains, and one-quarter for protein. This makes eating healthier and much easier to getting rid of belly fat. It may be difficult at first, but overtime our body will adapt to the smaller portions, and we will also feel better.

We should never skip our breakfast. It's the most important meals of the day and we should have it always no matter how late we get. Breakfast could be healthy in its own way. Loads of fruits, cereals, juices, brown bread all these are options we could choose from. These are healthy food that has minimum calories in it which is required by our body. Water also helps in losing weight and is the best drink in the planet.

But drinking other things could add calories. No one knows why but our stomach is never satisfied as far as drinking liquids is concerned. When we eat solid food, we know that our stomach is full after a limit. But this does not happen with liquids. Intake of sweetened drinks, aerated drinks hat are loaded with sugar can add to our calories. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day we should opt for 5 small meals a day. This will cut down our cravings because our stomach is full and our metabolism will be high.

Canned food is unhealthy because they contain preservatives and added monosodium glutamate which is bad for the health. But sardines are an exception because they are rich in calcium that is good for the bones and omega-3 is good for the heart and it is safe from fat and cholesterol. Oatmeal also has omega-3 and is good for those who want to eliminate their cholesterol.

Fruits are also a very good alternative as far as losing weight is concerned. They are full of nutrients and are easily digested by the stomach. They keep the stomach full for longer interval thus cutting down on cravings. Apart from all these simple workouts or even household work will help the body burn calories and keep the body in a great contour.

Once a week we could do away with solid food and only consume fresh fruits juice as well as vegetable juice. This will not only help us detoxify our system but also help us stay fit. Both fruit and vegetable juices are rich in all nutrients thus it is a very healthy way to lose tummy fat and earn a leaner fit body.

Eating raw veggies or salads before meals will help us cut on our meals and this way we will be able to lose fat from our waistline as well as maintain it forever.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-01-11 21:00:02

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