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Rapid Fast Weight Loss - Create A Turnaround In Your Life And Lose Weight

In many cases, people in their desperation for rapid weight loss, end up putting on more weight and less muscle. One wonders how much fight is left in them to start the battle against obesity once again. When anyone overeats while trying to achieve rapid weight loss, he/she tries to tell him/herself that it was hunger that caused the deviation. But the truth is not so simple. In reality, it is emotional need and not physical hunger or lack of nourishment that drives us to eat. You can lay the foundation of durable success in your mission and fast lose weight when you succeed in creating a turnaround in such a situation.

To begin with, try to locate where exactly you go wrong and create problems for yourself. Therefore, think carefully about when and where and what you eat that are really to blame for your situation. Make a note of the time of the day and also the type of food that attracts you. In the next step, review those scenes and try to identify the triggers that draw you towards food. Also try to judge the state of mind you are in when you eat. Is it akin to the condition we usually call trance? It is a state in which you just go on eating and eating, without tasting, seeing or relishing the food that is entering your stomach. It's only when you regain consciousness that a feeling of remorse grips you and you start thinking that all your rapid weight loss mission is wasted. A sense of resignation makes you eat even more.

Such a depressing state of mind can hurt your self-confidence and you can miss out on a number of things, such as visiting some places you would have liked to be in, or meeting some people you would have liked to talk to. But many people have succeeded in fast losing weight when they have been able to realize that they can choose to do things in a different way. A simple, but effective strategy has helped them lose weight. And the strategy is nothing but eating slowly.

Eating slowly is the magic that will create a turnaround in your life as far as matters relating to your food and weight are concerned. Just eat slowly, concentrate on the tastes and textures in your mouth and chew thoroughly and savor each and every bite of the food.

There is no need to bother needlessly about what you eat and when. The main point is that you must commit to eating slowly whatever you have. Do it for just the next three days and then review how it was for you and think about what you enjoyed about the freedom of eating your favorite item actually relishing its taste, smell and textures.

There are several types of rapid weight loss foods that can help you fast lose weight. These foods are mostly fresh and natural, rich in fiber, and low in fat, calories and sodium. Some of them can well be your favorites too. Once you master the art of eating them slowly and savoring everything they have to offer, achieving rapid weight loss won't be difficult for you.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2008-12-14 16:48:02

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