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Everyone seems to wish for an immediate answer to his or her real or imagined weight problems. And with most people wanting t reduce weight the diet industry is booming. Apart from the many fad diet plans available to consumers the far more worrisome aspect is the availability and mishandling of diet pills.

There is a vast collection of diet pills in the market. Many of the diet aids are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, some are not. It seems that most are used incongruously or used when they should not be, and consumers are not taking the time to educate themselves about diet pills and their alternatives (such as healthy eating and regular exercise).

There are three major types of diet pills available which are Prescription diet pills - These diet aids are only available with a prescription for a physician, and that physician usually closely monitors their use. The FDA closely regulates these aids. Over-the-counter diet pills - A prescription is not needed to purchase these, and they are widely available at drug stores, supermarkets, and discount stores. They are also monitored by the FDA. Herbal diet pills - Often labeled ďall natural", the FDA considers these types of diet pills a food, rather than a drug. Therefore, there regulation is dissimilar and apparently more lax that prescription diet pills.

These diet pills no matter how much they promise the consumer to help them lose weight are actually very bad for the health. They are loaded with side effects and can cause long term harm to our body. Often diet pills have ingredients that can cause disorder of the nervous system. They can cause paralysis and other diseases also. Often children take these pills whereas they should never be consumed by them. Even if doctors recommend it is only after the age of sixteen.

Many of the over-the-counter diet pills on the market claim that we can lose a lot of weight without diet and exercise. These claims are often proven not to be true. In fact, since the body ultimately builds up a tolerance to the pills, most people put the weight back on. Since diet and exercise tend to not be occurring in combination with the use of diet pills, the body cannot fight the fat with higher metabolism or greater muscle tone.

It is important to be aware of the possible side effects that using any diet pill can cause. Different diet pills have different side effects, depending on their ingredients, and the functions they execute. For instance some fat-blocking diet pills can cause painful gas and diarrhea, some appetite suppressants contain stimulants (such as caffeine or ephedrine), which bump up the heart rate and blood pressure. This can increase the risk for heart attack or heart diseases. Herbal remedies, though labeled as ďall natural", can have various side effects (depending on the ingredients) similar to synthetic diet pills.

While diet pills can be a great aid to a select number of the population, most diet pills can be hazardous if they are misused. Eating right and exercising are the best ways to struggle weight issues, as well as to sustain a strong body and mind.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-19 11:27:02

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