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Quick And Easy Weight Loss During Work

If someone is really interested in achieving quick and easy weight loss, he/she can try to so even during work. It is never impossible to carry on your weight loss mission in your workplace. For this, all you need to do is follow a few easy but highly effective tips. There is another plus point of continuing your weight loss mission during work. This gives you some more time to relax outside your office hours which you would otherwise have spent in trying to achieve the same goal. Below are a few of those easy and quick weight loss tips that can help you lose your unwanted fat in quick time.

To begin with with, try to avoid the elevator and use the stairs as many times as possible. If you are required to cover 40 flights to get to your office, walk four to five flights, and then only take the elevator. If you keep doing this, you will gradually be able to work your way up to 20 flights in a matter of weeks. This will help you burn fat. Drink a lot of water at the office. You will burn fat and achieve some weight loss every time you walk to the water cooler to fill up your cup or bottle. You are advised to drink 2 liters or half-gallon of water on a daily basis. But you have to spread it out in a suitable manner.

Quit smoking but take regular smoke breaks. These smoke breaks will give you an opportunity to take a half-mile walk every hour or two throughout the day. Away from your desk, you will then be able to get the feel of the fresh air outside, and lose weight at the same time. You can also lose some fat by changing your seating arrangement. You won't lose weight if you remain confined to your desk most of your working hours. It is better to find desk that offers alternate standing and sitting facilities. Such an arrangement will involve some physical exercise and cause weight loss. You can also use an exercise ball in place of your desk chair; this will also help you lose weight during work.

Walk to lunch as often as possible. If you walk a kilometer for having lunch, you will soon feel its positive effects. Begin the day with a nice breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and set the fat burning process in motion. If possible, try to have some workout at lunch. If there is no fitness center in your office, try to find a gym nearby and join it.

Try to eat more negative calorie foods, i.e., those that require more calories to digest than the food actually contains. These foods lead to a net calorie deficit. In this way, you can burn calories by just eating these foods. If you succeed in putting on a little bit of muscle, it will help you burn fat even when you are working in your office. Each pound of muscle is capable of burning about 50 calories more per day. Try to add some elements of fun to make your work hours more enjoyable. This will reduce your stress and create more opportunities for movement and laughter for you and your colleagues. Importantly, it will also increase the amount of calories you burn during work.

So, with the help of these useful tips, you can achieve easy and quick weight loss even during work.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-05-14 11:48:01

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