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Losing Weight - How To Lose Weight Quickly With Aerobics

What is the meaning of the word “aerobic"? The literal meaning of the word is “with oxygen" or "in the presence of oxygen". There are many throughout the globe who are not acquainted with this meaning but are certainly well-versed with the term aerobics. In short aerobics is an exclusive form of exercise that utilizes the large muscle groups and can be maintained for a prolonged period. What is more they are rhythmic in nature. It is to noted that aerobics makes use of oxygen as the most important fuel for maintaining activity for somewhat long periods.

Now why are dealing with the aerobics! In the contemporary age obesity is no longer a major issue but has become almost a regular affair. Even some decades back this used to be the focal point of the locality. But now it is so common that it hardly matters. But if you have to lose the additional burden of weight, aerobics happens to be one of the most potent and viable options. You can go for the strength training to lose weight. But the strength training is suitable for those who want to build muscles in conjunction with burning off calories. But you should sick to aerobics it if you want to shed weight only. What is more there are no side effects of aerobics.

Nevertheless before starting aerobics you must consult with a doctor and go through the medical examinations. This is necessary to comprehend your stamina. The reason is that on its basis you will initiate either of the Low to Moderate Impact aerobics or High-Impact aerobics. In the Low to Moderate Impact aerobics there are lots of exercises. They are walking, swimming, stair climbing, step classes, light water aerobics, rowing and cross-country skiing. Now anyone who is able bodied can get associated with a number of exercises of this category. On the contrary the High-Impact aerobics is also consisted of a number of exercises. These consist of running, dance exercise, tennis, racquetball and squash.

We have already discussed of the necessity of endurance. It is the endurance of an individual that is going to be the decisive factor in this respect. The reason is very simple. If you are a person who is older, overweight, feeble or have any injury, you should not go for the High-Impact aerobics without the doctor's permissions. If you do the consequence may be fatal.

You should therefore follow the Low to Moderate Impact aerobics. The first of them is walking. This is one of the most popular exercises known hitherto since it is a part of the human characteristic and there is no need of any additional force. All you have to do is to invest time of 20 minutes everyday. The best will be if you can devote some more time than this. But, if you do this even daily, you will able to shed 7 pounds of body fat per year. You shall have to be consistent since this may appear to be boring to you now and then.

You can select any another exercise conversely.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-01-21 07:06:01

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