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Losing Weight - How To Lose Weight Quickly Before The Wedding

If some one has come near to the biggest day of her life, the wedding day and is feeling overweight; she will definitely want to lose weight fast, or try to shrink the fat cells in her stomach. When ever our stomach captures the toxins from the foods or water we consume, it needs some place to store them, and it chooses our stomach. This damage control is essential; as it also makes it terribly hard to lose weight. Here are some effective tips on how to lose weight before the wedding; after all it is the biggest day of one's life and the brides want to look and feel wonderful.

Firstly, one of the things a bride wants always to consider when she is looking at a diet program that promises her to help losing weight is to the types of food it tell her to eat. The foremost criterion is the food has to be “fullness" foods; which means the foods that are going to make the bride feel full and make her eat less amounts. The types of foods that make one feel full and will be better for her all around are foods that contain large amounts of water, fiber and protein like lean meats and vegetables. These foods are extremely good for losing excess calorie and body weight before the wedding day because they can satisfy the hunger so that the lady do not find herself overeating.

Increasing the amount of green vegetable intake such as lettuce, cabbage, celery etc. can do wonder in losing weight in an alarming way. These food stuffs have so few calories so if one gets hungry she can eat more from this food type because they are actually considered to be the free foods. The fibers in certain foods like beans actually signal the brain that the body system have eaten a full meal by stretching the receptors in the stomach.

One must start to learn how to trick her stomach into thinking it is full. The two foods that can make some one to feel full and are good for the body are a grapefruit which contains 98% water and only 39 calories; and carrots which contains 88% water and 25 calories in one raw cup. However if some one like to eat fruits she always needs to make sure that it is fresh fruit serving at least 60 calories; which can actually be a great choice of foods that will make some one feel full. However canned fruit is full of sugar and can never help to lose weight rapidly rather before the wedding.

One must cut out the soft drinks and increase drinking plenty of water. Not only to losing weight but all of us should be consuming at least eight full glasses of water everyday. This alone can do wonder in losing body weight or excess calorie rapidly specially before the wedding. If some one learns how to change her lifestyle and begin eating better not only can be able to lose weight for the big day but she will be able to keep it off and feel better everyday for the rest of her life.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-01-17 20:18:01

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