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Losing Weight - How To Lose Weight Properly Before Wedding

The day of wedding is the most memorable occasion in the life of any woman. It is the day which is waited throughout the life. For this sole reason she wants to remain the brightest on that very day. It is expected that all talks will be regarding her and the wedding. What will happen if she is identified as a plump? Take for example a child asks her mother of the reason behind the bride's pound of flesh. The outcome is obvious and a row of laughter will follow. This is highly disgraceful and should be avoided.

Now, if you are the bride and fatty, you will face the same reality. There is only one way and that's nothing except a steady loss of weight. Well, it is also true that this is quite hard for the bribe to accomplish. During this period the brides remain stressed both mentally and physically and the addition of any form of new discipline adds to their miseries. There are several instances that prove the wretchedness of the brides. They try to lose weight through starving and as a result suffer.

Well, this is a sheer nonsense since no effective plan suggests anybody to starve. On the contrary this leads to the addition of more weight. How? If you plan to starve or eat less for losing weight, you will definitely compensate the loss at the end of the day through devouring any. Do you know that the concerned person becomes easy prey to processed foods by this? Never follow this. It's dangerous.

For this reason you have to plan and start months before and this should be accompanied by a precise or exact program. The chances to lose weight become brighter then only. If you start only weeks before the wedding and plan to reduce 50lbs in this period, you are fit for a mental asylum.

You have to concentrate on the subject of foods from the very beginning. It is essential for you to reduce the intensity of calories since this is a major reason for excessive weight. You may argue that calories are necessary for human bodies. I do agree but up to a certain level. If you consume more calories it will give rise to more weight and this is surely undesirable. This has to be done by denying any access to the junk foods, sodas, some particular fruit juices and chocolates.

You don't have to starve but must reduce the quality of meals. This is enough. There is no need to have useless heavy meals. The small but quality meals make you feel less hungry through the short gaps and also embolden your metabolism. Never forget to have the breakfast also. This is the most important meal of the day and you should include fruits, vegetables to it since these balance the necessary energy levels. Green salad with low-fat dressing is also good for health.

You have to exercise also. Don't prefer any strenuous exercise like running. Daily walking is good for you. You must have a good sleep to sustain these benefits.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-03-14 04:18:01

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