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Lose Weight - How To Successfully Lose Pounds Quickly

People often mistake themselves by thinking that losing weight and losing pounds and inches is the same thing. Though there is a very thin line that demarcates between losing weight and inches, it should not be overlooked. Losing inches is when we do not want to see a drastic change in our weigh but we would want to lose inches from specific areas of the body, not overall. Losing weight is losing inches from all over the body. Often people whose weight is equivalent to their height need to only lose pounds from specific parts of the body.

Weight loss isn't easy and takes a sustained effort over a long period of time. We must have the determination and persistence when it comes to shedding extra pounds off our body. Being adamant about losing inches and pounds is not enough, we need to have persistence to drive down to our ideal weight.

Changing our eating habits is the first step we need t look into to lose weight successfully. We need to cut down on sugar and eat fewer sweets. We should substitute some of our junk food with fruits and vegetables. Watch the portion size on our meals. We should try eating five to six smaller size meals as opposed to three large ones. In doing so, we will keep our metabolism high all day, making it easier for our body to burn fat. In addition, we need to pay attention to our caloric intake. The idea is to burn up our daily caloric intake, while additionally burning a portion of the calories stored in our fat.

To successfully lose weight, and keep it off, we MUST detoxify our system regularly. Our bodies are subjected to harmful toxins in the food we eat, air we breathe, and the activities we enroll in. By staying hydrated, by drinking lots of water everyday we naturally flush out toxins from our body. In addition to hydrating regularly, we should be sure to partake in regular body wrapping and fiber supplementation. These supplements help in detoxifying our fat cells, and allow us to drastically lose inches and lose weight successfully.

Regular exercise is very important in the battle to lose weight successfully. By exercising thirty minutes per day of aerobic exercise we can easily shed loads of pounds. In addition, we can try out some weight training a couple of times a week. Weight training allows us to strengthen and build muscle, and muscle is what helps us to burn fat.

To lose weight quickly, we should get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Studies show that irregular sleep patterns increase hormone levels in the body that are attributed to weight gain and fat retention. It requires a lot of time and effort to lose weight. But if we are more determined and persistent, we will lose those annoying extra pounds and acquire a healthy body. Often we start a weight losing program and leave it midway. It is only our confidence in us that can help us achieve the desired results in no time.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2008-12-10 00:12:01

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