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Lose Weight - A Quicker Way To Fat Loss

A tough job for an individual is to keep the body fit and also maintain the proportionate weight. The wish to have a slim body is always there but no action is taken in order to do so. People often have wrong thoughts that losing weight at a fast rate would cause harm or side effects. This is not true as it's not medically proven. The fact remains that there is no miraculous recipe that can dissolve our body fat in a tick. Some amount of fat is required by the body and it's because of the stored fat that we keep ourselves warm in cold weather. But too much of fats in the body are not good.

Water is known to be a suppressant for appetite by keeping the stomach full and try to keep the thirst away which may make us hungry. Water is known to metabolize the body's stored fat by flushing out the waste from the kidney. Eating on a regular basis also helps lose weight but it means that the food to be consumed should be fatty or unhealthy. If possible 5 meals should be consumed in a day and also make sure breakfast is given maximum importance. Fuel to the body should be maintained and provided at all costs early in the morning in the form of breakfast so that it keeps us away from the hunger for the rest of the day. It is evident that consuming 5 meals a day helps us not crave for more food and also this way make sure that the intake of all the calories is sensible and also that we don't tend to overeat at either of the meals.

When raw fruits and vegetables are consumed then the intake of calories are being cut down on automatically. Since the fat from this cannot be consumed then the fat from the other stored places is used and in a way helps in reducing the fat and builds up the slimming process. All fats are not considered bad as nuts and cooking oil are known to have some good nutrients that are useful for the body. This keeps the skin soft and supple thus being very beneficial for the body. Using cooking oil does not increase the fat intake of our body but instead contains essential vitamins for the body.

As compared to carbohydrates proteins actually help in developing the muscles of the body and do not turn into fat. Muscles are known to actually increase the metabolism rate as it consumes a lot of energy. Thus it can be definitely said that proteins do help in losing weight quickly. It is not humanly possible to monitor the intake f the food as that would lead to nothing but paranoia. It is possible to have an idea at least as to how much calories were consumed.

The fastest way of losing fat or perhaps the easy way would be to combine a balance and nutritive diet, aerobic activity and also strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles. The well known workouts would be to burn the abdominal layers of fat also with the overall fat. This would include aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc. Then there can be the abdominal exercises such as crunches and hip lifts. Weight training increases lean muscle mass and hence the metabolic rate, implying that we burn much more fat even while resting.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-04-26 11:48:02

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