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How To Get Rid Off Your Tummy Fat

Tummy fat is one of the most annoying problems for most people. Getting rid of the tummy fat is possible once you understand your body shape and learn to work with it.

Here are the four common body shapes

Some people have an ideal figure but a bulging tummy. This kind of body shape is known as an apple body shape, where the excess fat is stored on the tummy and not on the hips or thighs.

The second body shape is the ruler; another name given to this body type is that of a banana. The body contains lean muscle, and the fat content in the body is low.

Pear is another body shape in which most of the excess fat is stored around the hips, thighs and buttocks.

The last body shape and the most desired is the hourglass. The fat is evenly distributed through out the body. When an hourglass person puts on fat, the excess fat is distributed evenly over the body and not on any one part.

Tummy fat can be lost through abdominal crunches, cardiovascular exercises and a good nutritious low fat diet. There are many diets available, but you need to find one that works for you. You should be moderate in your approach and keep a target of how many inches you want to lose and work on it.

Tummy exercises consist of upper tummy and lower tummy crunches.

Upper tummy crunches: lie on the ground flat with your knees bent firmly on the ground. Keep your hands behind your head and take a deep breath. Slowly raise your torso towards your knees. Do not jerk as this can cause injuries. As you raise your torso above the ground release your breath. Do 20 repetitions and then take a break for two to three minutes. For best results do three sets along with cardiovascular exercises. You can use a stationary cycle, use a step climber, or climb your building stairs if you do not want to invest in an exercise machine.

Consult your doctor before joining any kind of exercise program.

Avoid processed food items that contain sugar, fats and sodium. Sodium retains the water in the body and causes the body to bloat. Certain carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits and brown rice are actually good for your diet and should be included.

Some amount of fats are required to dissolve some important vitamins like A, D, E. Some of the fats that should be consumed are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Trans fat and Saturated fat are not healthy.

Green leafy vegetables should be included in your diet, as they have a high content of fiber, and a lot of essential nutrients. These nutrients are good for your skin, bones, and hair and they help keep you healthy and fight off diseases. Fiber fills up the stomach and reduces your desire to eat unhealthy food items.

Avoid salad dressings, available in the market as these contain a lot of fat. Try inventing your own unique low fat salad dressing. Buy a good low fat cook book.

Here are a few ways to fight the bulge.

Innovate. Baked fish tastes as good as fried fish.

Eat home made fruit salad instead of eating ice cream.

Bake the potatoes, and add spices for taste.

Buy low fat butters and margarines for your bread.

Ask your doctor for sugar supplements and use them instead of sugar.

Avoid take outs and try to cook at home whenever you can. Eat at restaurants on special days. However, make sure that you eat how much is required and do not binge, just because you are in a restaurant and it is a special day.

Be consistent and strike a balance. Do not starve your self one day and then binge the next just because you did not eat the previous day. Your body is your best friend, treat it with respect.

Always talk to your doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise plan, and ask his opinion. Good health is very important in leading a good life.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-19 21:30:02

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