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Obesity or excessive weight is no longer related to any exclusive age group. On the contrary an individual belonging to any age can become an easy prey to it. What is most striking is that even the teenagers are also falling into this trap. This phenomenon is not confined to any single country but has expanded it tentacles to almost all parts of the first world already. What should be your responsibility as a parent if your ward or child is facing the same crisis? You have to bring before him the various options regarding weight loss.

Make sure that he becomes interested to adhere to the most proficient weight loss program of them. How can this be done? All you have to do is to make him realize the necessity and significance of a healthy lifestyle. Never forget that the weight loss program really works only through this way and in a fast manner.

Now, since you are the teacher, make him figure out the host of worthless diets that are dominating the scenario. There are, in fact, several diets that make intense efforts to dissuade performers from abiding by the process of nutrition. Remember that vitamins, iron and calcium are always important and should be made a part and parcel of the diets. The teenagers due to the stark absence of experience fail to understand the importance of nutrition. But this is needed and it prevents one from becoming a victim of the temptation of the junk foods. Try to have this by including fruits and vegetables in the meals. These foods provide high amounts of nutrition through proteins. Is your son an admirer of animal foods? In that case include lean sources of proteins originating from animal foods.

Never let him accept diet pills or perform other quick remedies since they are futile and may produce adverse side effects in the long run. In this age the greater number of teenagers remains simple admirers of junk foods, beverages, processed foods. But they do consist of high amounts of calories that lead to the growth of weight. Calories, though necessary, should be accepted to a certain level. Always discourage him from devouring the aforementioned foods.

Encourage your son to exercise. In the realm of exercises there is the presence of two processes namely, weight training and aerobics. However the teenagers are not advised to follow the weight training. This very discipline is quite rigorous and demands a complete dedication. Moreover the physical structure of any teenager is not able to withstand the thrust of this exercise. Make him concentrate on the aerobics instead. There is the presence of a number of exercises here like walking, swimming, cycling, biking, jogging, running. He can select any of these and do that at any time. Now, since he is a teenager, make him swim and walk on a daily basis. Remember that swimming is one of the best exercises known hitherto. He must also walk for 30 minutes both in the morning and evening.

He mustn't skip breakfast. It's essential being the main provider of nutrition.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-07 21:54:01

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