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Fitness Weight Loss - Lose Weight Quickly By Doing Fitness

Why is fitness so important in the life of an individual? The real reason is that it enables him to fight against all sorts of disorders and also the onslaughts of diseases. But there are other benefits. Are you concerned of the fact that the saga of retaining fitness helps the performer to reduce weight also? There is nothing to get amazed since it can be done quickly. Nevertheless the performer (may be you) should remain persistently determined, consistent all through the period of losing weight. Remember that you can maintain fitness only through necessary exercises and few diets.

In the ambit of exercises there is the preponderance of two types of exercises namely strength training and cardio vascular exercises. It should be remembered always that each of them contributes differently to the weight loss and in its exclusive pattern. For that reason both of them are important and none of them should be belittled or else the prospect may get jeopardized. What do the cardio vascular exercises stand for? The cardio vascular exercises burn off a great number of calories while you remain engaged in the exercise itself. On the contrary the strength training contributes to the process of losing weight by means of increasing the speed of your Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR.

What is RMR? It happens to be the number of calories that your body burns up while you remain at rest. It should be kept in concern always that the RMR increases with more muscular the human body becomes.

Now before you proceed further and start off, you have to introduce a precise and meticulous plan. This is necessary if you are working out in your home or in any gym. You can have a consultation with any proficient person or a professional trainer on this. Bear in mind that there should not be the repetition of any exercise ever or else it will become tantamount to a bungle. You must have uniform divisions in the plan based on the whole week. Try to allocate three days for the strength training, three days fro the cardio vascular exercises and the seventh day for the rest day. Do you think the status of rest day as trivial? Never do that and forget to include the rest day. It is necessary to sustain the benefits.

Let's begin the strength training. In this domain you can focus on squats and pushups. Try to do squats down-and-up 10-20 times for 2 or 3 sets on a daily basis. This is a simple exercise where you have to stand in front of the mirror and put your feet at shoulder width while facing forward. This is effective and builds up leg and buttock muscles. Take utmost care at the time of doing pushups. Have down pat that during pushups your arms must support up to 70% of your body weight. The best is to do 2 or 3 sets of 20 pushups to build arm strength and strengthen RMR.

In the discipline of cardio vascular exercises concentrate on brisk walking, swimming and jogging daily.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-02-26 17:39:01

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