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Fast Weight Loss Food To Use After Pregnancy

Many new mothers want to lose weight after pregnancy. During the stage of pregnancy, weight loss usually occurs because of nausea and vomiting mostly between the 6th and the 16th week. It is important for women to understand what can be accepted as normal weight gain during pregnancy. A reasonable range is between 15 and 30 pounds which, however, may vary depending on how heavy a woman was before she became pregnant. A heavier woman may be advised to try to stay within the lower end of the weight gain range during pregnancy.

It is not an unjustifiable desire for a woman to lose weight after pregnancy. There can be no doubt that the new baby is the number one priority in a woman's life, but this should not mean she should be criticized for wanting to get herself back into shape and get rid of some of those extra pounds that she gained during pregnancy.

To help your cause, you should consult your doctor to make a fast weight loss diet plan that would provide the nutritional supplements that you need. If you do some light exercises as well, you will be able lose weight at a fast pace. However, you must always remain careful and monitor your progress because there are often some risks linked with such fast weight loss plans.

As far as weight lost foods are concerned, keep a stock of healthy and convenient snacks such as raisins, popcorn, wheat crackers, and nuts. If your fridge has a ready stock of fruits and lean meats, you are unlikely to look for something that's not good for your health. It is better to have high density foods and stay away from those foods that have little nutrition values. After pregnancy, your energy sources should not be in the form of highly processed foods and snacks. The best bet after pregnancy are fruits, nuts, vegetables and dips, whole grains and other healthy choices.

During pregnancy, a woman often eats more than usual to support her child's growth and development. But the need for adequate nutrition remains even after the baby is born, although for a different set of needs and objectives. Wisely made choices can achieve fast and healthy weight loss after pregnancy. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, provide you with several key nutrients while helping you feel full for a longer period of time.

Other nutrient-rich weight loss foods include low-fat dairy products, such as skim milk, yogurt and low-fat cheeses. Meat poultry, most fish, beans, and lean cuts of beef and pork are also excellent sources of protein, as well as zinc, iron and B vitamins. These foods will be of great help in your weight loss program after pregnancy. It is better if you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. Also try to avoid high sugar beverages such as sodas and juices and switch to some water and a squeeze of fresh lemon instead.

If you resist junk food temptation, eat smaller portions and only when hungry, there is no reason why you shouldn't fast lose weight after pregnancy. Get slimmer and take more care of your baby!

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-07-13 10:03:02

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