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Often the most preferred way of losing weight with most people is to diet. But often we end up choosing the wrong diet. There is no particular diet that has to be followed. Infact there are a number of diets suiting the needs of different individuals. Often diet programmes are different for different age groups and also different for men and women. Diets depend on the individuals and from body to body. Dieticians often prescribe diet after the individual has done a medical examination to avoid any further problems.

There are so many diets available that we cannot even think of. Here are three main types of diets which dieticians generally follow they are blood group diet, detoxifying diet and low carb diet apart from many others. These three are very important. A blood group diet is one which has different food groups for people with different blood groups because often blood group decided if we are allergic to some particular food or not. Detoxifying diet is one where people eat only liquids and fiber food so that it is easily digested by the stomach and is light for the body as well. Low carb diet is one where we consume less of carbohydrates so that the extra calorie that we consume by consuming carbohydrates does not enter the body.

Water acts as an appetite suppressant by keeping our stomach full and fending off thirst which can lead to false cravings or hunger. Water also helps the body metabolize stored fat by helping the kidneys flush out waste. Fruits are also a very good alternative as far as losing weight is concerned. They are full of nutrients and are easily digested by the stomach. They keep the stomach full for longer interval thus cutting down on cravings. Apart from all these simple workouts or even household work will help the body burn calories and keep the body in a great contour.

But taking on a crash diet is also not the answer as all that will lead to is getting weaker and giving up as well in desperation. Diets known as quick fix diets lead to a vicious cycle resulting in weight gain as well.

If your eating habits go down and you reduce it by 400 calories as well then the chances of losing one pound a weeks is also there. That way you have a realistic target. There different ways of reducing the calorie intake without having to alter the diet being followed. Aerated drinks can be replaced by natural juices and water. Change the type of milk being consumed. If its whole then change it to skimmed milk. Use substitutes of sugar as for tea as well as for coffee. The food that is loved by people should be consumed in small quantity. Try not to go for a second helping especially during dinner to control the intake of food. Alcohol and beer should also be reduced as that has negative effects on it most of the time.

Initially it was best to think that feeling good is all that mattered. Then in order to live the healthy life and stay fit to do things exercise is not the only thing that helps but other things must go along as well.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-28 10:51:02

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