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You don't have to go to the nearby gymnasium any more to have fast weight loss and fitness in unison. The same can be done if you engage yourself with swimming. According to experts swimming is a great alternative to your normal exercise and it helps you to have fast weight loss and fitness together quicker than others. It's true that this process is indeed simple and anybody can benefit a lot if he abides by the suggestion and tips. However, in most cases people are found to do the reverse and suffer all together.

But before you proceed any longer with the help of tips, you must have the best estimation of the technique and effects of swimming. This is necessary since ample examples denote that adverse comments make performers abandon the procedure abruptly. Keep in mind that swimming even at a modest speed for 30 minutes can make your body burn off between 250 to 300 calories. The result happens to be the same if you take on a brisk walking for 60 minutes (without a single break). In addition swimming makes both upper and lower body workout possible since muscles from both parts of the body impel the performer all through the water.

There are also other benefits. Swimming makes the cardiovascular system highly effective and also enables both metabolism and digestive system to function better. On the other hand it is also a noble strength building exercise. In swimming there is the involvement of lots of strokes that operate the abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, biceps, triceps, along with most of the back muscles of the swimmer. Swimming also provides a boost to people who are suffering from injuries like bad knees together with pregnant women and elderly people. It also decreases the possibility of any injury of bones, joints and muscles. All these factors make you preserve fitness apart from enjoying fast weight loss.

How should you perform therefore? What are the tips in this respect? The first tip is that you shouldn't consume a big meal before starting off the swimming. Try to opt for a power bar or a protein shake instead. The eating of excess foods or a big meal may make your blood rush from your muscles into your stomach, which is totally unhealthy. The best is to stretch for a few minutes ahead of time and make yourself ready for the exercise after that.

There is a great difference between swimming and weight training that gives swimming an edge always. While in weight training you can only work different muscles before they get afflictive, you can practice swimming daily in the week. In the beginning you must go for four to six times a week but not less than two in any way. Try to make your own discipline.

Begin the week through long distance swimming on Monday. Swim for 30 minutes and observe individual competence. Make a note of it and remember that you have to increase both time and intensity per week. Stick to this and never deter. Success is yours.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-07-11 16:39:01

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