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Fast Healthy Weight Loss Might Be Very Dangerous

Most people who are in a hurry to achieve weight loss often use methods that can be very dangerous. Gullible people often fall for those lofty assurances that guarantee a 30-pound weight loss in two weeks and so on. But once you consult a health professional, you will understand the hollowness of those fast weight loss claims. It is never possible to lose more than two or three pounds per week in a healthy manner after the first week of dieting or exercise. You should remember that just losing weight is not enough for a successful weight loss mission, you must also be able to prevent the return of the extra pounds. There are many reasons why fast weight loss could prove dangerous for a person.

While trying to achieve weight loss too fast, the major part of the weight you lose is water weight. Such a loss of water weight often results in rapid dehydration of the body. Your body has a certain capacity of burning calories and excess weight in stages; but if you put pressure on your body to lose weight faster than it is normally capable of, you harm your health significantly. Such a method can never be part of a healthy weight loss effort.

Water is helpful in your weight loss plan because a glass or two of it before a meal will keep you from overeating and will also provide your body with adequate amount of hydration. Physical exercise also uses up a lot of water which you must replace by increasing your daily water consumption.

Attempts to achieve weight loss too fast is dangerous because it can result in severe diarrhea, sometimes followed by constipation. This is linked with loss of water weight as diarrhea over an extended period of time can cause severe dehydration, which sometimes become life-threatening. This is particularly true if you are using a starvation diet for long or using detoxification diets to achieve fast weight loss. The best thing is not to force your body into shedding pounds, but eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with lots of fiber.

Most people, in their hurry to lose weight, either starve or eat too little thereby depriving the body of calories, and hence energy, that the body needs to get through the day. A ciet containing no carbs whatsoever can lead to such a situation. It will make you sick, sleepy or lethargic not strong enough to indulge in any physical exercise. It is better to eat five to six smaller meals a day instead of two to three big ones to lose weight. This will improve your metabolism, which will make you more energetic and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Trying to lose weight too fast is also dangerous because it could lead to malnutrition. Although severe malnutrition takes several months to occur, limiting your caloric intake can deprive your body of essential nutrients that are needed to keep you healthy. Crash diets and starving are dangerous because they not only restrict fats and carbs, but prevent your body from taking sustenance from vitamins and minerals as well.

So it's wise to know why fast weight loss can prove dangerous for you. Remember that there is nothing better than eating a well-balanced diet for losing weight in a healthy manner.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-16 21:24:01

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