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As their name suggests, fast weight loss methods should help you lose weight at a fast pace. However, more often than not, it is found that such fast weight loss methods, especially the diets included in these methods, are almost the same as crash diets, which deprive your body to extreme limits only to make sure that your calorie intake is minimized. Such fast weight loss methods make you almost starve, and they are extremely unhealthy for your health as they invariably give rise to malnutrition. It's not for nothing that qualified doctors or dieticians, hardly if ever, recommend any of these methods.

We often find that when a person drops a crash diet, he/she begins to eat much more than usual. Due to such overeating, the person not only compensates the weight loss she had achieved, but puts on some extra pounds as well. So, in the long run, the use of such a diet comes to a naught. And it has now been clearly established that some of these fast weight loss methods can lead to the condition called anorexia. A person suffering from anorexia loses appetite and begins to avoid food.

Whenever you lose appetite and begin to eat little, the fall in the amount of energy consumption finally makes you fast lose weight. If the amount of calories consumed is less than what is needed, your body becomes weaker and loses its ability to fight adverse conditions. As body weight begins to decrease, you find it more difficult to fight illness and infection. In there is a substantial weight loss, you may not respond properly to cancer treatments, and the quality of your life deteriorates. Weight loss because of anorexia may be either temporary or may continue at a life-threatening pace if the patient keeps on eating less than what is needed for sustaining body weight.

Anorexia is of different types, the most common being satiation following the consumption of food. Called postprandial anorexia, it is healthy because it discourages excessive eating and thus prevents obesity. Anorexia nervosa is a complex eating disorder that is characterized by voluntary starvation and exercise stress. It has both psychological and sociological aspects.

Some low carb and high protein diets are believed to be helpful for fast weight loss. But in reality, they are harmful because in the absence of adequate carbs in your diet, your body gets deprived of the much-needed energy and they leave you in a weak, lethargic condition.

So if you are keen to lose weight, you must choose one from the many fast weight loss programs that can really work for you. The program should be such that it can also supply you the nutrients you need to carry on life in a healthy and energetic manner. However, it is better to visit your doctor before you choose a diet plan for yourself.

However, diet alone may not be enough to help you achieve weight loss. You must do some physical exercise as well, which may be in the form of jogging, brisk walking or even weight training in a gym. Fast weight loss programs that really work are an effective combination of a suitable diet plan and appropriate physical exercise.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-01-22 13:57:01

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