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Fast Healthy Weight Loss - Lose Your Weight Without Removing All The Good Stuff

As obesity keeps on taking dangerous proportions worldwide by the day, health conscious people are desperately looking for ways to achieve fast weight loss and remain healthy. They are following various types of diets, some of them so drastic that they are causing more harm than good for the obese person. Such fast weight loss programs are forcing these persons to live their lives without all the good stuff they like. However, there are other types of diets that do not impose any such restriction on the good stuff you love to enjoy and you can use one of them for fast weight loss in a healthy manner. Many such weight loss diets include normal, everyday food in their lists and do not stop you from enjoying your favorite dishes.

It is now a well established fact that low carb, low fat, high protein diets, all quite popular because of publicity campaigns, help achieve fast weight loss only temporarily as the person using such a diet regains all the lost weight shortly thereafter. The reason behind this is that most people cannot stay away from their favorite foods for the rest of their lives.

The mechanism of weight loss is quite easy to explain, but the process to achieve it is not so easy. A person puts on weight when he/she takes in more calories than he/she uses. On the other hand, a person loses weight if he/she uses more calories than what he/she takes in. So no matter which type of fast weight loss diet you choose, it must ensure that it can create a calorie deficit in your body to make you lose weight. The process may be made less painful by choosing a diet that allows you to have all the good stuff you like.

There is little problem in enjoying your favorite foods if you only learn the art of portion control. You do not need to measure calories, if you just be honest with yourself about how much you are eating on a daily basis. For example, if your favorite breakfast usually comprises a bagel and cream cheese with a glass of orange juice, reduce the quantity to half a bagel with cream cheese from the next day. Try to use an orange in place of the orange juice. This will considerably cut down your calorie consumption but you will still be relishing your favorite breakfast. The same principle holds for all other meals. If you normally used to have two slices of pizza, now be satisfied with one. Avoid second helpings and stick with just one. In many cases, the second helping is sought just out of habit and not due to real hunger. Some people prefer Body Detox diet as it too does not impose restrictions on the good stuff you like to have.

A daily measurement of your weight will help you monitor the situation and identify the areas where you might have made some mistakes. If you observe a steady increase in weight each morning, you can modify your fast weight loss diet that will prevent weight gain before it goes out of control. Although you can lose some weight without physical exercise, you'll lose weight faster if you do some healthy exercise on a daily basis. It may be in the form of walking, jogging etc.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-05-03 07:54:01

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