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Easy Weight Loss Program - Lose Your Weight Without Removing All The Good Stuff

As obesity assumes alarming proportions throughout the world, conscious people are looking for ways to lose weight through various types of weight loss programs. They are following various diets, some of them are so drastic that they are causing more harm than doing any real good for the concerned individual. Such weight loss programs are forcing the aspiring weight-loser to live without all the good stuff he/she likes. However, you can easily avoid such programs and follow one that does not make you give up what you enjoy in order to lose extra fat. There can indeed be weight loss programs that include normal, everyday food in their lists and that do not stop you from enjoying your favorite dishes.

It is a common phenomenon that low carb, low fat, high protein - all these popular programs help achieve weight loss for a limited period but the user regains all the lost weight shortly thereafter. This happens because most people cannot stay away from their favorite foods for the rest of their lives.

The phenomenon of weight loss can be explained simply, although the process to achieve it is not so easy. You gain weight when you take in more calories than you use. On the other hand, you lose weight if you use more calories than what you take in. So whatever a weight loss program asks you to eat or avoid, the bottom line is that you must create a calorie deficit in your body if you want to lose weight. But the process may seem less painful if you are allowed to have all the good stuff you like.

There is no harm in relishing your favorite foods if you only learn the art of portion control. You won't have to measure calories, if you just be honest with yourself about how much you are eating on a daily basis. For example, if your favorite breakfast usually comprises a bagel and cream cheese with a glass of orange juice, just start having have half a bagel with cream cheese from the next day. Use an orange to replace the orange juice. This will considerably reduce your calorie intake but you will still be relishing your favorite breakfast. The same principle is true for all other meals. If you normally had two slices of pizza, now have one. Instead of second helpings, stick with just one helping. On several occasions, the second helping is sought just out of habit and not real hunger. Body Detox diet is preferred by some people as it too does not impose restrictions on all the good stuff you like to have.

If you measure your weight on a daily basis, it helps you monitor the situation and identify the areas where you might have gone wrong. If you notice a steady increase in weight each morning, you can modify your weight loss diet that will prevent weight gain before it goes out of control. Although it is possible to lose some weight without exercising, you'll lose more if you do some exercise everyday. It may be in the form of walking, jogging etc.

As you follow such a weight loss program, your success is all the more likely as you need to make only some small, workable changes that should be easy for you to stick with.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2009-06-04 11:54:02

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