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A lot of doctors and dieticians, these days, are advising the patients or the sufferers of excessive weight to use pills. However in spite of all these prescriptions and also assurances, people are skeptical of the benefits of pills. Well, this anxiety is quite natural since they have always heard of the dangerous side effects of pills. But according to the modern researches those days are gone and the more developed diet pills, in these days, are committed and also effective in helping a person to lose weight.

These newly introduced diet pills are found to hold back the appetite or accelerate metabolic processes in the body. You can also have them since they are amply found in the market and more and more people are coming forward to utilize those. Well there is something to learn by heart. These pills are meant for those who have no time to exercise or who are incapable to perform weight loss programs.

Now there's a question. Which types of pills should you go for? Though a number of pills have been introduced in the market by an assortment of drug companies, you have to opt for the most suitable one. You can't accept any pill since the wrong selection may result into the growth of hazardous side effects. Have a consultation with the dietician and abide by his/her priceless advices. Never overdose yourself since this will not let you lose more weight.

One of the most popular medicines among the diet pills is the green tea diet pill. It is regarded as one of the most effective over the counter (OTC) medicines in the present scenario. How does it work? It works by means of developing calorie and fat metabolism. What's more it also excels in suppressing the appetite at the same time. Never forget that green tea diet pill is used in the form of a capsule instead of a distinct type of tea drink. But be aware of the side effects if there is a greater consumption than the mandatory dosage. You can experience insomnia, irritability along with heart palpitations. There are also other side effects. They include constipation or diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

There is also another medicine, which is known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid diet pill or CLA diet pill. These are used by a host of patients suffering from obesity. How does the CLA diet pill help then? It helps the user by means of decreasing the accumulated fats of the body. Its main duty is to burn off these fats and transform them into a great form of energy.

It should be noted, according to the discretion of experts, that the reduction of fats leads to the control of the appetite and this brings to the fore the spontaneous development of lean and firm body muscles. This very pill is made up of CLA, which is an Omega 6 component and is present in lots of substances. These include dairy products, beef, poultry, sunflower and others. The pill has side effects too like gastro related like diarrhea and indigestion.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2008-12-26 06:33:02

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