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Easy Weight Loss Program After Pregnancy

It seems that there is an inseparable relation between the added pounds of flesh and the period of post-pregnancy of a proud mother. In almost each case we come across a case where the increase in the new mother has been more than required. Generally doctors advise that an increase of 10 - 12kgs is more than enough. But often the weight gain is more because of the myth that a pregnant female needs to eat food for two. As long as we eat through the day and we eat healthy food it's not necessary to stuff ourselves with food for two.

Many of us suffer from weak muscles, sudden appearance of cellulite and varicose veins in different parts of the body along with excessive weight. Again we should keep in mind that we will have to take care of the new born baby. Often doctor's advice that if the delivery is normal then it's absolutely ok to start with exercises from the 6th week itself. But if it's a case of cesarean then it's advisable to start after six months.

What should be the primary stride? We can start by drinking a lot of water. Water is the most important nutrient required by our body. The amount of water that we drink must not be less than 2 liters. Water helps in the apposite functioning and betterment of the digestive system. It gets lubricated, hydrated and the body temperature also gets enhanced. The body also gains suppleness.

We should also concentrate on exercises. But the exercises should be limited to the level of free-hand and nothing more than that. The best is always if we can start the habit of walking. Walking is of utmost importance and we do not have to adopt any additional measure to start and follow this. We can simply walk in the compound of your residence or in the neighborhood or even in our house. It helps relieve muscle tension and the body gains flexibility gradually. We should try walking for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It is better if the pace of walking remains slow for the first few weeks, and then we can gradually increase the speed in the following weeks.

Yoga is an additional way to lose weight effectively. Yoga helps in increasing the body's endurance and helps in de-stressing our body and mind. Several new mothers also take up aqua aerobics classes because they are safe and we are likely to burn more calories in the pool. Because we need to workout adjacent to the force of water the energy necessary is more thus the calories that are burn is also more.

We also need to concentrate on our diet. This is imperative and therefore requires our concentration. We must reduce the amount of food and the intake of calories as much as we can. Fruits, proteins, juices, nuts and food rich in fiber are good options that one could choose from. These foods not only help in maintaining the weight but are also full of nutrients required for the new mother.

Posted by Diana Johnson - 2008-12-27 23:45:01

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